"Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" Star Tia Becca Snaps After Show Calls Her "Baby Mama"


Each week, we’ll be posting an episodic recap of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta in case you want to keep up to date on all of the drama but you’re not invested enough to actually watch. We’re doing all the hard work for you so there’s no need to fret. While hyping up the new episode, VH1 posted a teaser on Instagram, asking what Scrapp’s “baby mama” will think about him finding love. Tia Becca has been on the show numerous times before so for the producers to not refer to her by name is a little strange and Tiarra took offence to the action, calling out the network in her reply.

“I’m more than just Scrapp ‘baby momma,'” wrote the reality star. “Y’all gonna stop trying me with that bull shit. I have a name. It’s #TiaBecca or Tiarra. Must I run down my accomplishments on y’all weak asses?” 

The entertainer continued by telling fans that she has threatened to quit the show, being blackballed by the producers in response. “I didn’t like how I was being treated and I didn’t like how they edited me or the narrative of how they painted Scrapp and I (Scrapp is my dawg for life.) But this was the last straw,” she said. “I’m not just his baby mother! I have a name bitch! And I get shit done. He know that and y’all know that. Y’all edit me to be boring and bitter. When I’m funny as fuck and fun as fuck!”

She added that she’s been nothing but easy to work with on set, saying that she’s unafraid of the consequences of her speaking out. “I respect the entire crew. I’m always on set on time, I follow directions, I’m mindful and respectful of others time. And I’m creative and always want a good show. I’m never hard to work with. I did nothing to warrant how y’all try to play with me.”

What do you think of this? Do you think VH1 will start to respect Tiarra and her accomplishments?