'Love, Simon' Deleted Scene Featuring Colton Haynes Shows an Awkward Experience at Simon's First Gay Bar


For all the ground that the hit film Love, Simon broke, there was one aspect modern queerness that fans wanted to see represented in the film: gay nightlife. While the film tackles the issues coming out to your friends and family, very little time is spent showing what Simon’s life was like as an out gay teenager.

It turns out that there was a scene in the film that showed Simon (played by Nick Robinson) being taken to a gay club by his straight friend Nick (played by Jorge Lendeborg Jr.) that simply didn’t make the final cut the movie. What’s more is that Simon is subsequently hit on by a clubgoer played by openly gay Teen Wolf star Colton Haynes.

In the scene, Simon is visibly uncomfortable being at the nightclub when he is approached by Haynes’ character, who asks him to dance. While they make their way to the floor, Haynes asks Simon what he studies at school, mistaking him for an -age college student. “Oh, this and that,” he replies nervously.

Eventually, Nick and Simon find themselves being kicked out the bar after a bartender asks Simon to show some ID. When asked how old he is, the teenager overshoots and claims to be a 27-year-old.

Greg Berlanti, the film’s director, said in an interview earlier this year that the scene was ultimately cut from the film because it didn’t fit in the character’s narrative. “It just played as it wasn’t his character,” the director said. “The people in it were great, the moments were great — but it just slowed down the narrative. And it felt like we were jumping the gun about what his experience was.”

Watch the full deleted scene from Love, Simon below:

New video — Deleted Bar Scene from #LoveSimon starring Nick Robinson. pic.twitter.com/5qLJxCDSBQ

— Nick Robinson Updates (@dailynickrob) May 29, 2018