Love & Hip Hop ATL Reunion Part 2: Pooh Hicks Gets Dragged & Exposed


In this week’s Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta episode, the cast, audience, and viewers finally learn the truth about the questions underlying the enduring Pooh v. Karlie drama, Scrapp DeLeon’s storyline is observed, Moniece speaks her truth and more in part two of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s reunion. 

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Warning: Spoilers Ahead.  


The lie detector test results are finally in and the answers fans have long awaited for were given. Throughout the entire season, Karlie and Pooh went back and forth about an alleged sexual encounter involving Karlie Redd, Pooh, and Hiram Hicks as well as some sh*t stained sheets. The drama was stretched through the entire season and even went as far as involving both Karlie and Pooh’s daughters into the mess. Well, it seems the Love & Hip Hop producers were equally curious to find out the truth and after administering their own lie detector test, it was revealed that Pooh lied all along.

Although Pooh still maintained her stance and offered fans the possibility of viewing her own lie detector test, everyone had already made up their mind by then. The only question which brought in suspicion surrounded whether or not there ever was a sexual encounter between Pooh Hicks and Karlie Redd. The lie detector test results came back as inconclusive. Hence, we guess that there are things we simply will never know the truth about. 


Scrapp DeLeon’s journey in and out of prison was documented throughout the season and quickly overviewed at the reunion. Scrapp discussed the aftermath of finding out his father was alive, the positive moves he has been making ever since his release from jail and adjusting into fatherhood. His uncle Stevie J also apologized once more for not showing up to court for Scrapp when he needed him the most. Interestingly, it was revealed that Karlie Redd had visited Scrapp DeLeon on numerous occasions. Pooh took it as an opportunity to throw shade and Scrapp’s mother Karen King must have not liked it because she immediately aimed for her wig. A commotion occurred and the crew was separated.   

Of course, we could not pass Scrapp’s storyline without discussing his romantic ties throughout the season. From Moniece and Tiara to Sierra, the tea was revealed on all that’s been going on and Moniece Slaughter stepped up to speak her truth. Considering she quickly left the show after her fallout with Scrapp, it seems her vocalizing her side of the story was necessary. Fortunately, things ended on a good note


This season explored Sierra’s rocky relationship with her on and off boyfriend BK. After the two fell out at Rasheeda and Kirk’s couple retreat, we did not expect that the two would be back together any time soon. While she dipped her toes into a potential courtship with Scrapp, she eventually returned to BK and made amends. Moreover, the producers took a look at Sierra’s relationship with Pooh Hicks.

As you may recall, Karlie spread the word that both BK and Pooh Hicks had partaken in an affair unbeknownst to Sierra. The latter is what ended the friendship between Pooh and Sierra. It also started the beef between Sierra and BK. The producers hence mediated a talk between both Pooh and Sierra at the reunion to fix things. Unfortunately, the attempt failed and the two still can’t stand each other. 


Akbar V, Tokyo Vanity, and Spice were all involved in some drama throughout the season. The drama came to an end and the trio squashed the beef at the reunion. Unfortunately, it was revealed that Akbar V and Shekinah are still at odds. In the words of the reunion host, “their beef went from simmering to stir-fried.” And things did not get any better at the reunion when the topic was brought up once more. In fact, it ended with insults and injuries thrown on both ends. When Pooh decided to join in on the mess another huge fight erupted and dirty panties were thrown on the floor (???) 


The remaining cast members offered a few words of conclusion on their storylines. Kirk and Rasheeda chimed in on the state of their relationship. They reported that things were better between them and the line of communication with Jasmine has improved. Next up, Spice spoke up about the anti-colorism agenda and her underlying motivations. She made it clear that her stance did not come from a position of self-hate, but instead, from wanting to raise awareness about an issue still deeply affecting the Black community. As for Tokyo Vanity, she admitted to having suffered from depression while on the show. Though, she was thankful for the support of both friends and family during that time. Finally, Karlie Redd is now offering sexology classes both online and offline — in case you’re interested.

This is it for this season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. It has surely been a wild ride. And if this was not enough for you then make sure you tune into a brand new season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood next Monday, August 5th.