"Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" Heads To Trinidad & People Are Pissed


It’s been a messy, messy season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. This week, Karlie Redd managed to find her name in the news on more than one occasion. The reality star finally spilled the tea on her real age, telling the world that she’s 45-years-old. Yesterday though, something way more important happened. After allegedly flirting hard with MoneyBagg Yo during a live stream, Karlie’s fiancé actually called off their engagement, saying that they’ve amicably split up because of the video. Surprisingly, Karlie has been silent about the break-up. Now, a new scandal has broken out in advance of the episode airing next week, which is set to show members of the cast heading to Trinidad & Tobago.

"Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" Heads To Trinidad & People Are Pissed
Rob Kim/Getty Images 

news website running in Trinidad has published a piece that is gaining traction among Love & Hip Hop viewers because of how negatively it portrays the show. One specific segment of the reality program, which will air next week, reportedly shows Pooh Hicks and Karlie Redd with one of them referring to Trinidad as a “potty country.” In the promotional clip, the Trinidad flag flies while Pooh Hicks travels to the country with a “soiled sheet” to depict an accident that occurred when her husband had anal sex with Karlie Redd. Not sure we want to actually watch that and considering the country of Trinidad is being referred to as “potty” in a segment like that, we’d say their locals have a reason to be mad.

Will you be tuning in next week?