Loux builds from the "Ground Up (Live version)"


Luther Lamarr Acheampong aka Loux makes his debut on TWIB with the live version of his vibrant single entitled “Ground Up”. The North London emcee blends jazz-infused sounds with traditional hip-hop elements. His flow is fiery and passionate which is displayed across the board on the layered instrumentation laid before him. Hit the play button and get with the vibe.

“Ground Up” is taken from Loux’s debut EP ‘Midnight Rotation(s)’.  The self-produced 4 track EP shares an honest approach to modern Hip-Hop, unpacking deep, introspective story-telling across a range of instrumentation.

Loux is a visionary, breaking all boundaries to express his passion and develop his own sound. He is just one of many artists from this new generation of music hoping to cultivate the art form and contribute to its growth.


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