Louis the Child Gives Death Cab for Cutie’s ‘I Dreamt We Spoke Again’ a Dream-Laced, Trap-Infused Remix: Exclusive


Dreams have a funny way of revealing secrets to ourselves. Everything is fine in public. We are happy being busy with the trials of the day, but come the darkest hours of night as our eyes flash fast in REM sleep, those fears and loves bubble strangely to the surface.

In "I Dreamt We Spoke Again," Death Cab for Cutie finds itself face to face with someone long left in the past. It's a song that rings a bit giddy though it's tinged with sadness, like waking to find that old friend is still a stranger, and the band trusted Louis the Child to get that balance right with a remix.

"'I Dreamt We Spoke Again' began as a very muted, low-key ghost of a song," Death Cab tells Billboard Dance in a joint statement, "but ended up being one of the more dance-oriented tracks that this band has attempted — though in a very throwback, nostalgic sense. So it was a treat to turn it over to Louis The Child and have them apply all of the bells and whistles of 2019 dance music production to it."

The original is dreamlike with warbling guitar licks, à la The Cure, and steady, echoing drums. Louis the Child applies a halftime beat with 808 claps to create a future bass ballad with hints of trap bite. Its melodies are lost in reverie in perfect alignment with singer Ben Gibbard's sad-tuned tale. The duo recommends cranking your volume up to 11.

Louis the Child's remix of "I Dreamt We Spoke Again" is out in full Wednesday, but you can listen to it a day early below, exclusively on Billboard Dance.