Louis The Child and MAX Make Perfect 'Sense' Together: Listen


Where does your sense go when it's not between your ears? You haven't seen your right state mind in ages, but you're still out here existing, trying to juggle responsibilities and fun and ambition. It would be great if some that "Dear Sense" could stick around, and if anything can lure it back, it's the pure dance-pop genius Louis The Child and MAX's collaborative single.

"Dear Sense," out today (Aug. 9) is a total bop from start to finish. The beat is a head knocker. The synths are punchy, funky, cool. MAX is as grooveable as ever. Big synth horn hits and repetitive percussion move the song forward, and because Louis The Child are good sonic storytellers, it bookends with the same droning key rhythm, so smashing that repeat button kind feels like one endless cycle hook. That's good, because "Dear Sense" is the kind song you hear once and need to hear, like, three more times.

"Lyrically, the song speaks to sense as if it were a human," Louis The Child and MAX say in an joint emailed statement. "We feel everyone has moments where life feels like it doesn't make sense, and sometimes when we feel we've finally made sense things, it quickly goes away. This song is about dealing with this constant loss sense."

Both parties are absolutely on fire right now. MAX just killed his part on Galantis' summer song "Satisfied," and Louis the Child are currently smashing with Wafia on "Better Not." LtC is sure to win more as the duo hits the road in support "Dear Sense," joined by killer talents Daya, NoMBe and Valee.

Check the full list tour dates and listen to "Dear Sense" below.