Loud Luxury Talks Life After 'Body' and Staying Humble, Debuts 'Love No More': Excl.


With summer nearing its close, Loud Luxury shares a brand new single titled "Love No More" featuring Toronto singer-songwriter anders today (Aug. 31).

Loud Luxury were featured as the face Billboard Dance's Ones To Watch series back in March and were riding high f the success their club-pop single "Body" on Armada Music. It had accrued 25-plus million Spotify streams and was quickly climbing the ranks on dance radio. Fast-forward to today, when the record now has 200-plus million Spotify streams and has crossed over to pop radio. "Body" also recently won for song the summer at the iHeartRadio MMVAs.

Despite the worldwide success the record, the producers have stayed humble thanks to their friends and family. "Always make time for the people that matter no matter how crazy everything is," they tell Billboard.

"Love No More" echos a similar presence to "Body" with its pop-laden punch mixed in with deep house booms. The new single features anders, who Loud Luxury were big fans , as they listen to quite a bit hip-hop and R&B in their spare time. "We had a mutual friend that was kind enough to make an introduction and we got in the studio together," they say. "Anders was working on a slower version the song that we restructured and brought out the parts we were most excited about. For his live show, he wanted to release his version it and we thought it would be dope for the world to hear both sides the song."

While following up a record like "Body" may seem like big shoes to fill, Loud Luxury have a different perspective on the situation. "One thing we have in our favor is that it took almost a year and a half to make 'Body.' This is not a fly-by-night for us, and we have been thinking about where we want to go after 'Body' for quite a while. 'Love No More' feels like the perfect way to pick up the story where we left f," they say.

Listen to "Love No More" featuring anders below.