Loud Luxury Give DVBBS & blackbear's 'IDWK' a Dance Floor Remix: Exclusive


Who is loving and touching on DVBBS and blackbear's summer tune "IDWK?" Loud Luxury, the same Canadian duo who hit big with this season's dance-pop stand-out "Body." Now, there's a finger-snappin', club-ready remix the jealous jingle, and you definitely want to know what it sounds like.

“When Loud Luxury wanted to collab and remix our song we were hyped,” DVBBS' Alex and Chris are quoted in a joint emailed statement. “We worked hard on producing 'IDWK' with blackbear to create the perfect song for summer, so it was awesome having our fellow Canadian brothers remix our beat. We want our music to bring people together and that’s what we feel like we’re doing.”

Loud Luxury's "IDWK" remix is jumpin', a funky take on the electro-pop original. It's fresh and ready for the floor Friday, Aug. 3, but you can get a sneak peak preview the tune in full below, exclusively on Billboard Dance.