Loud Luxury & Bryce Vine Unite For Energetic ‘I’m Not Alright’ Performance On ‘The Late Late Show’: Watch


Summer is over, but you can keep the fuzzy glow of its sunset in your heart with Loud Luxury and Bryce Vine's live performance of "I'm Not Alright" on The Late Late Show with James Corden Thursday night (Sept. 26).

The hangover love song goes out to everyone who's make innebriated mistakes but is still a good person. Its cheery melody keeps bleery eyes open as Vine's darker message glides smooth between the beat. The studio audience don't seem to mind the dichotomy, cheering on cue at each instrumental hook. 

"I'm Not Alright" is the duo's first real original song of the year, following a star-studded rework of its breakout hit "Body" with Pitbull, Nicky Jam and Brando. 

A music video is set to come soon, but you can get down with this live television performance below.