Lou The Human Shows Off for New Song

Lou The Human Shows Off for New Song
Lou The Human

Lou The Human, a 21-year-old Brooklyn born, Staten-bred rapper, is starting to bubble. The budding upstart previously dropped the videos for his singles “Macklemore” and “Brink.” Now he’s back with his newest record “Slim Buddha.”

“Only 20 but I been a vet, been a threat/ Been a winner since I been a sinner, so it’s been forever,” Lou raps like he deranged but it’s amazing to listen to. In a recent interview he talks about the importance coming from New York.

“New York is very important,” he said in a recent interview. “New York shaped me into the individual I am today. Growing up in New York and rapping, you kind have to want to be the best. And that’s the thing that’s kind lost in rap right now. But New York, it’s the birthplace. It’s the Mecca. I’ve left a bunch times and I always find out there’s nowhere else like New York. It’s really important to me with my process. I’m actually in New York right now. I came back to record my second project.”

Bump the new song below.

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