Los Tucanes de Tijuana's Mario Quintero Clarifies Bottle-Throwing Incident: Watch


The singer shared a video himself explaining what happened during the Lexington show.

One day after being rushed to a Lexington emergency room when someone flung a bottle towards Los Tucanes de Tijuana singer Mario Quintero, he took to YouTube on Tuesday (May 15) to clarify what happened.

“We were about to finish the show,” Quintero says in the video statement. “Suddenly, I turned to the left and felt something hit me. I thought it was a piece ceiling that fell on me, then I look down and I see my hat and a bottle on the floor.”

A bloodied Quintero was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital in the early-morning hours  May 14 where he was treated; he received stitches to the side his head.

“We're subject to these kinds things, but we don't think it's correct,” Quintero adds. “It saddens us that people do these types things and they don't realize the damage thy can cause. My hat blocked the blow or it would have been worse.”

Quintero also states that the person who threw the bottle was not an angry fan, but likely an overly excited audience member who got caught up in the moment and threw a bottle. “We don't know why the person threw the bottle,” he says. “The motive is not clear.”

Los Tucanes de Tijuana will continue with their scheduled tour, which includes a concert in Monterey on Thursday (May 17) and other upcoming shows.

Watch Quintero's video: