Lord Payback

“Payback”,“Get Sexy For Me” & “Here I Come” BY LORD PAYBACK


It’s been a minute since we last heard from Lord Payback but thankfully that drought ends here today. As of late, the rapper has been focused on a few things: getting his bands up and making the best possible music. Thankfully, those two things line up for him. The young musician has been buzzing under the radar for a few months and we’ve been keeping track of his latest releases. Recently, with no warning at all, the rapper decided to return to the scene and share his three latest singles “Payback”, “Get Sexy For Me”, and “Here I Come” .


Formerly known as Mono Bagends, Lord Payback was nominated for various underground music awards, performed on B.E.T, opened up for Papoose and Remy Martin, worked with platinum producers, and had his music placed in major motion pictures. I think It’s safe to say that he has seen and done it all.

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