Loote Sing BTS' 'Fake Love' at Hot 100 Fest and Talk Touring With Eric Nam: Watch


Loote’s Jackson Foote and Emma Lov Block were put to the test during their chat with Billboard’s Kevan Kenney on Sunday (Aug. 19) at the Hot 100 Festival as they played “How Well Do You Know Your Bandmate?”

The game started f well, as Foote correctly answered that Lov Block’s go-to drink is Tequila ginger. When asked what Foote’s favorite song to play, though, they go f on a bit a tangent, chatting about their love K-pop.

The duo, who recently toured with Eric Nam, tell Billboard that the jaunt was a lot fun, with Foote adding that the fans that attend K-pop shows are “some the most loyal, hype people I’ve ever seen.”

“We would go out and there would be a thousand people there before we even went on,” he continues. “Like the room would be full. There would be a line all the way down the block, and they’re ready to see whatever and get hype and they were showing so much love, and most them didn’t know us, which was unbelievable.”

While discussing K-pop, they also mention their love BTS, noting that there was a lot their music on the pre-show playlist during their tour with Nam.

“We started learning the words to songs that we didn’t know we knew the words to because we would hear them repeatedly,” says Lov Block.

You can watch the full vide above to hear more, and to hear Foote sing a bit BTS’ “Fake Love.”