Looks Like a Reboot of the 'Fresh Prince' Is on the Way


It appears that there's a new Fresh Prince reboot on the approach— solely the "Fresh Prince" will now be the "Fresh Princess."

TMZ reviews that the workforce in management the Fresh Prince has filed trademark functions that look to lock down rights to the "Fresh Princess" for a tv program and "just about each different media platform." Beyond that, they're additionally seeking to trademark the title for a lot merchandise, together with baggage, backpacks, animal collars, clothes and footwear.  So this new model is most probably a particular go.

This isn't the first time that a Fresh Prince reboot has been teased. Previously, the Fresh Prince workforce trademarked Fresh Prince toys, fueling hypothesis that an animated model the well-liked 90s sitcom could possibly be in the works, particularly when Will Smith endorsed the drawings on IG.

There's no phrase proper now on whether or not Will Smith might be concerned. But as late, there've been a lot 90s sitcoms being remade– together with Full House and Boy Meets World, which additionally now consists of a feminine lead.

It'll be fascinating to see how this reboot pans out.


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