Logic's "Bobby Tarantino 2" Gets A Co-Sign From Jerry Seinfeld


We all have our heroes. There are people we would do anything to meet. Luckily, if that doesn’t manifest, we get to live vicariously through celebrities who do so. The moments are always heartwarming, and are usually prefaced by wordy exposition. This instance is less the latter.

Logic hopped on social media to post a simple photo himself and Jerry Seinfeld. It’s a fairly standard picture, with just the two them by a white wall. The caption is short and sweet, “Jerry told me BT2 was fire emojis]” followed by a laughing face. BT2, course, is in reference to the rapper’s latest project Bobby Tarantino 2. Jerry Seinfeld is a huge inspiration to Logic, with many mentions in interviews. We’ll take the concise post to be his speechlessness.

As to whether or not Jerry listened to the project is a mystery. Which is also the case for their meeting. Fans suspect it may be for Jerry’s show, Comedians in Cars Getting Cfee. The show was just brought on to Netflix this year. Here’s hoping we get to see the two grab cfee and talk about Seinfeld.