Logic Turns His Swag Up in ‘Icy’ Video Feat. Gucci Mane: Watch


When a rapper is starting to get their money up, it usually shows in the amount of jewelry, clothes and cars they purchase at the onset of fame. Logic plays off of this stereotype for his "Icy" video, which was released Friday (Aug. 2) and includes a scholarly assist from Gucci Mane.

The Colin Tilley-directed clip begins with an animated sketch of Logic taking a phone call from his label rep, who wants him to freshen up his look to increase sales. "If you're not dripping, you're drowning," he says. The two meet at their local mall and Logic gets an icy grill to go along with a white mink coat, making Jets great Joe Namath proud.

Gucci Mane makes for quite possibly the coolest teach of all-time. Guwop teaches his students how to hustle correctly and manage their jewelry collection in Icy Class 101. Logic is then held up and robbed of his recent purchases by a group of older women, who kick him to the curb outside of his new Hummer and he's left with nothing. 

"Icy" originally landed on Logic's 2019 Confessions of a Dangerous Mind album. Watch the cinematic visual below.