Logic Says He's Still A Hip-Hop "Outsider"


Fresh f the heels his Bobby Tarantino II mixtape drop, Logic has been on the interview circuit promoting the project, which debuted at the top spot on Billboard’s album chart. For somebody that has always been viewed as somewhat an outcast in the world hip-hop as it evolves towards an auto-tuned, melody-focused sound, Logic has achieved tremendous success as one the better lyricists out today. Despite his success, Bobby still feels like an outsider, detailing that it’s not possible to follow the status quo and be different at the same time. 

When asked in an interview about standing in front hip-hop royalty at the Grammy awards and now being embraced by the culture, Logic replied, “I’m still an outsider but you can’t stand out and fit in. You know what I mean? Like, I still get sh-t all the time for whatever.” Not conforming to the current generation newer rappers comes with a lot criticism, but Logic has stayed true to what he believes in, rapping about causes that are near and dear to him. Although not many figures in rap discuss societal issues in their music these days, Logic is one the few and, although it may cast him as an outsider, he can still release projects, like Bobby Tarantino II, that provoke thought while exploring a different vibe.

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