Logic Feels Like "A Target" After Signing $30 Million Deal


In conversation with Zane Lowe, Logic opened up about the moment he knew his life has changed for good. The first transitional step was when he got his first 200 thousand dollar advance after being relegated primarily to food stamps. He confided that his advance was only stage one his self-actualization.

During his negotiations with Def Jam he floated the number a 30 Million binding contract, and to his surprise they matched it stroke for stroke. It’s at that point, he tells Lowe, that he realized he didn’t have to do anything for the rest his life and he was free to make “his” music. That’s what sitting on a big estate does for you; he feels like “a target” with that big number floating over his head.

Logic also opened up about the motivating force Drake‘s love and encouragement. He recounted several encounters at public events where Drake’s words encouragement gave him a helpful push. Logic has long insisted that Drake single-handedly paved the way for him to become a self-driven artist. 

These humble reflections really paint the picture an artist who has yet to fully grasp his celebrity, or better yet, who is reluctant to embrace it at all. Check out Bobby Tarantino II, out today. 

Listen to the full interview here.