Logic Explains Personal & Social Impact Of "Everybody" On 1-Year Anniversary


Logic seemed teary-eyed when he opened up on Instagram threes hours ago. Logic was gushing on the one-year anniversary his third album Everybody. It may be obvious to us, that Everybody was the album that shot him to prominence, but as Logic contends, there is a lot sentimental value attached to the project.

The Instagram post (pictured below) included the cover art the album in all its splendor. The cover illustrated by Sam Spratt is replete with symbolism quietly kept by Logic himself. Besides the significant appeal the art work, Logic explained that the project as a whole was the culmination many issues that have hit him close to home during his lifetime. For that reason, and that reason alone, Everybody will always be regarded, in his own words, as “the most important piece work I have or will ever create.” Logic also took the time to thank his fans for their inspiration throughout the course its production.

Some the ideas contained within the album include “mental health, domestic violence, mass shootings, drug abuse, racism, indigenous peoples, anxiety, depression, suicide, happiness, money, education, homophobia, upper middle and lower class, fear, hate, acceptance, fame, religion, politics, money, childhood, gang violence, therapy, slavery, the universe, individuality and peace love & positivity.”

Take a moment to consider an aspect the album that stuck with you in the year that has passed.