Logic Enlists Michael Peña, Luis Guzman and More For Powerful New 'One Day' Video With Ryan Tedder


Before Logic takes center-stage at the 2018 VMAs on Monday (Aug. 20), the DMV MC has liberated the visual for his poignant single "One Day" featuring One Republic's Ryan Tedder today (Aug. 17).

Directed by Andy Hines, the seven-minute clip proves to be a gut-wrenching story that shows what happens when two lives  contrast intersect in life. In the beginning, a Mexican family is found trying to evade U.S. patrol and get over the border. At that point, a Mexican teenager watches his family split in front his eyes, as his baby sibling and mother are taken into separate vehicles.

On the flip side, we watch a Caucasian family enjoy a birthday party in Southern California. The young boy who celebrates his birthday comes from a hard-working family that values the American flag and what it represents.

As both kids get older, we watch the Mexican teen flourish academically after being taken in by his foster parents. He ends up graduating college and later becomes a doctor.

The young Caucasian kid takes on a darker path and evolves into a raging bigot, despising races outside his own. By the time we hit 2034, the hate-driven man watches a potential skirmish at a bar between a white and black man escalate. He looks to stab the black man with his knife, but ends up slipping and falling into his own blade. By the time he gets to the hospital, he undergoes surgery and is saved by the Mexican teen-turned-doctor. 

The powerful video proves to be a star-studded affair, as Michael Peña, Judy Reyes and Luis Guzman all make cameos in the clip. 

Watch the video for "One Day" below.