Loco Dice Breaks Down His 15-Track Album 'Love Letters': Exclusive


Love is a many splendored thing. More specifically for Loco Dice, it's 15 pulsing, techy groove things. The Tunisian-born, German-based DJ and producer proudly dedicates his album Love Letters to the powerful emotion in all its forms. It's dark and funky, full gritty texture and mind-bending atmospheres that tackle the agony and ecstasy  romance, the value in our pasts, and the beauty that is born when we share love among fellow beings.

There are some deeply personal moments on Love Letters, and Loco Dice takes us through each tune in this exclusive track-by-track breakdown. The album is out now  Desolat Music Group.

Listen and learn below.

1. “It’s All Love Right Now”
“It’s All Love Right Now” sets the tone for Love Letters. Lots what will follow is mentioned in that short introduction. 

2. “You Want To Be Me”
Everybody who listens to my previous albums will recognize this bumpy, chunky terrace feeling. The track is like a round trip ticket, a journey from Düsseldorf Chicago to London and back. 

3. “Ohhwatadoo”
And I do like that… some kind low-rider track that combines my hip hop roots and current house, the way I like it. 

4. “Heartache Situation”
This is a very personal track, and some the personal side is revealed if you listen to lyrics and my vocals. They are not obvious, so maybe you have to imagine a lot. “Heartache Situation” turned into a proper dance track. I guess everyone can relate to it… or just dance.

5. “Mad Luv”
I needed that house music; house music that has a feeling  the time when I started to play it, that feeling that I love so much. “Mad Luv” is like an eruption a volcano feelings. 

6. “Code Feelings”
Love is a serious game. Sometimes you have to focus and concentrate, go deep inside yourself and try to de-code those feelings. 

7. “Bob’s Kliptown Funk”
This is a little tribute and a reminder. I got to know Kliptown Youth Center after joining up with Bridges For Music, and taking part in a tour and series workshops with Black Cfee in South Africa in 2015.  It’s a fascinating non-prit organization set up in 1987 by Bob Nameng. Over the past three decades, it has provided safe space and hope to some the most neglected children in South Africa. There are support groups, art courses, sports. It’s a place that provides hope and support for kids who otherwise might not have a chance to create and express themselves.

I remember how important the local youth center was for me when I was kid in Düsseldorf, and I don’t even want to imagine where I’d be today if there wasn’t this space back then where we could hang around, play music, and spend time away from the streets, but as is the case with many charitable organizations, Kliptown Youth Center needs our help to fund it’s existence and continue the incredible work. There are so many emotions in this short track. 

8. “Selflove” Feat. Serious Klein
This track comes with the first feature on the album. I am someone who is deeply influenced by genres like soul & funk, and I invited German-based artist Serious Klein, who’s work I’ve been following for the past while, to my Daddys Crib Studio. A perfect blend was formed, as I expected, not only based on our mutual African roots. No more talk needed. Just listen to the lyrics.

9. “Under Your Skin”
That’s the thing with love – it can hurt you big time. It can make you sad. It’s something that can be ephemeral, but “Under Your Skin” is not a bleak track. There is a light at the end the tunnel. We live for such intense feelings. 

10. “We’re Alive”
This was the second single from the album. It’s a powerful and trippy track. There is also a video that visualizes that feeling. We’re alive. We’re here. We love. 

11. “Out Of Reach” Feat. William Djoko
When “Out Of Reach” began to take shape, it was clear for me that only Amsterdam’s finest, William Djoko, could provide the final shape I envisioned on the release. When William came to my studio in Düsseldorf, I explained to him my Love Letters. We spoke about love, then we turned on the mic, and what followed was pure freestyle. I’m really happy with our work in my studio in Düsseldorf and with the final result. 

12. “D Town Playaz” Feat. Eddie Fowlkes
“D Town Playaz” is the third and last feature on the album, and is also a teaser things to come. “D Town Playaz” with Detroit godfather Eddie Fowlkes who adds something only he can add. Since the day I met Eddie, it was like finding my older brother, and I learned so much from him. Eddie is such positive, loving character, and it was a pleasure watching him play the keyboards and work on a track.  

13. “Right On Selecta”
When you’re in love, sometimes you want to go out, shout it out loud to the whole world, and fly to the moon. You’re just the happiest person. How powerful love can be.

14. “Roots”
“Roots” was the first single from Love Letters, and it's basically about my D-roots: Düsseldorf, Detroit and more. It sounds like a classic track from the early days Detroit techno, but made today, if that makes sense. The best is if you check it yourself.

15. “Ouled El Houma”
It’s Tunisian for “kids from the neighborhood.” I had to close my album with going back to Flingern.