LOCASH’s Anthemic ‘Brothers’ Is an Ode to Lifelong Friendship: Exclusive


LOCASH will release their upcoming album Brothers on March 29, and Billboard has the exclusive premiere of the title track below. With a goal to bring listeners together, LOCASH’s “Brothers” showcases the duo’s ability to pen songs that leave a mark.

A heartfelt story song that details the progression of a friendship, “Brothers” is a mature sound for the duo, who are known for their energetic live show highlighted on previous tracks like Billboard Country Airplay No. 2 “I Love This Life” and current single “Feels Like a Party.” Slick production, delicate acoustic guitar accompaniment and a triumphant chorus flesh out the infectious three-minute title track.

“You call me out when I’m trippin’, pour 'em strong when I’m sippin’/ If I holler at my boy you’ll be there in a minute/ Yeah, you know I’ve got your back/ Yeah, we’ve been down like that since we were bad boys/ With some fast toys/ On the backroads we ride/ It’s the way it is, couple crazy kids/ Until the day we die/ I’m like lightning you’re like thunder/ You got one you get the other/ Brothers,” they sing on the chorus.

LOCASH’s Preston Brust and Chris Lucas co-wrote the song with frequent collaborators Corey Crowder and Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard. “Brothers” serves as a song that celebrates true friendship, as well as gives a nod to our servicemen and women.

“We wrote ‘Brothers’ with Tyler and Corey, who we consider family, so the song came really naturally to us,” Brust tells Billboard. “There was a feeling in the room that day, brotherhood was just in the air. We named our album Brothers because that’s what we are. It’s truth. It’s the miles and the milestones together. We’ve been there for each other through thick and thin, and that is never going to change. We’re family. We are brothers.” 

Adds Lucas, “It was important to us to honor our servicemen and women in ‘Brothers’ as well, because the military is such a strong example of brotherhood. The men and women in uniform develop a bond that is inseparable. They would (and do) stand in the line of fire for each other and for ALL of us and we appreciate and admire them for it so much.”

Brothers marks LOCASH’s first project with new label Wheelhouse Records/BBR Music Group. It follows 2016’s The Fighters, released on Reviver Records.

“Preston and I are not blood-related, but we still feel like true brothers. Blood is strong, but I do believe in the strength of friendship and the power of sticking together,” Lucas notes. “When it all comes down to it…we’re all brothers and sisters. We’re all connected in some way and it’s important to not only remember but celebrate that.”

LOCASH’s album, Brothers, was produced by Crowder, Hubbard, Lindsay Rimes and Jordan Schmidt. The title track is below.