Lo Challenges Viewers to Confront Their Demons in Uplifting ‘Mosaic’ Watch


Everyone has struggles to overcome, whether they’re big or small. In her new music video, Nashville-based pop singer Lo is asking you to take those experiences for what they are, rather than letting them define you.

On Friday (March 29), the singer released the video for “Mosaic," an uplifting pop anthem about accepting and learning to move on from life’s struggles. “Every piece of me that’s been breaking/ I’ll take it and make it a mosaic,” Lo sings on the track’s chorus.

The video features a number of people holding up signs, each detailing a different struggle in their life. They subsequently tear that story in half, and replace it with what they gained from the experience, with their now-ripped signs depicting traits like “strength,” “independence” and “self-love.”

Lo tells Billboard that the video was inspired by the responses she would receive from fans after playing the track at her live shows. “I began getting messages from fans at the show sharing their different stories, and even began noticing my peers being open about how they resonated with the song and sharing their struggles with me,” she says. “It was so inspiring to me that I wanted the video to be a simple, honest look at people sharing what they've been through and how it's made them stronger.”

Lo is also giving back with her new track — the star is partnering with Love is Louder for the release of her track, an organization dedicated to preventing suicide and promoting love. “I believe in that message so much, and am honored to be partnering with them in the release of 'Mosaic,’” she says. “I hope the song can help, even in a tiny way, to spread encouragement to those who need it most.”

Check out Lo’s new music video for “Mosaic” below.