LL COOL J Tried 'Everything In His Power' Not To Diss Funk Flex For IG Liposuction — But Did It Anyway


LL COOL J was trying to stop himself from dissing Funk Flex following his recent Instagram liposuction session — but evidently he couldn’t help himself. On Monday (November 30), the Hot 97 radio host shared an Instagram Live video of himself going under the knife and got dragged from New York to Los Angeles for the stunt.

Mr. Ladies Love Cool James, who was among the many joining in on the Twitter debauchery, initially tweeted on Tuesday (December 1), “I’m doing everything in my power right now not to go in on homie? Lipo on IG? LOL.”

But as the Hip Hop pioneer thought about it, he clearly was unable to contain himself and wound up comparing Flex to a popular Thanksgiving bird.

[email protected] you let him hit you with the turkey thermometer on social media!!!!!” he wrote alongside several laughing emojis. “I still love u B!!”

Some were quick to assume LL was talking about Freddie Gibbs who went after the “Radio” legend earlier this week. Gibbs, who’s engaged in plenty of online antics as of late, clowned the MC-turned-actor for allegedly wearing makeup while speaking on video during the Roy Jones Jr. and Mike Tyson fight. 

Gangsta Gibbs then reminded LL about the “Accidental Racist” single, his 2013 collaboration with country singer Brad Paisley. The controversial track was based on Paisley’s experience wearing a Lynard Skynard t-shirt featuring a Confederate flag and found LL rapping lines such as, “RIP Robert E. Lee/But I’ve gotta thank Abraham Lincoln for freeing me.”

Needless to say, the song sparked outrage among Hip Hop fans with many calling it the “worst song ever made.”

LL has yet to address Gibbs’ comments publicly, but the Grammy Award-nominated rapper appeared to think he could’ve been talking to him too instead of Flex. In one of his Instagram Stories, Gibbs shared LL’s tweet and wrote underneath it, “I love U too LL.”