Lizzo’s Hairstylist Breaks Down Her 2019 BET Awards Hairstyle: Report


Up-and-coming Hip Hop artist Lizzo was looking beautiful on the 2019 BET Awards red carpet. Considering the star’s grand personality, we expected nothing short of extravagant when it came to the 31-year-old star’s look. Prior to delivering a jaw-dropping performance at the star-studded event, one which made everyone get up and dance (including Rihanna who clapped extra hard for Lizzo), the starlet made her way to the red carpet with her original garments. It is fair to say that Lizzo managed to turn quite a lot of heads with her protruding hairstyle which perfectly matched the brown dress and boots she wore. 

Lizzo's Hairstylist Breaks Down Her 2019 BET Awards Hairstyle: Report

Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images

The ultra-glam mini-dress reflected a mesmerizing wood grain design which revealed Lizzo’s curves. As for her hat-infused hairdo, stylist Shelby Swain explained how she managed to pull off the eye-catching hairdo. “Honestly, this is the Baby Jesus of all hairstyles,” shared Swain with E!News. “This my favorite hair. I made sure to take my time and prayed to Jesus, hoping I would get this wood grain right. I’ve never done this type of look before, so this was all new to me, but I really wanted to get creative and try something new. I literally hand-painted the piece with my sister only an hour before red carpet.” Lizzo did right to tap Swain, who calls herself the “Beyonce of Baby Hair” for the job because the end result turned out great.