Lizzo’s 10 Best Songs: Critic’s Picks


At long last, Lizzo is having her breakthrough moment. The pop star has experienced serious love because of her major label debut Cuz I Love You, and it’s now showing on the charts — her 2017 single “Truth Hurts,” which was featured on the deluxe version of her album and in the Netflix film Someone Great, broke into the Hot 100 this week, taking the No. 50 spot.

But much like her newly popular single, Lizzo has been around for a minute. The star has a much longer discography than you might realize, spanning all the way back to her debut single in 2014. In honor of her first entry on the Hot 100 chart, here are our picks for Lizzo’s 10 best songs.

“Truth Hurts”

There’s a reason this song is hitting it big right now. Along with being featured in the movie Someone Great and inspiring a TikTok meme, this upbeat jam is quintessential Lizzo and deserves its praise, however late. It’s confident, funny, and most importantly, catchy as hell.

“Batches & Cookies”

In her debut track, Lizzo established herself as a rapper to keep an eye out for. While the star has leaned more into her pop and R&B influences as of late, “Batches & Cookies” is an excellent reminder of Lizzo’s excellent flow.

“Good As Hell”

While “Truth Hurts” is Lizzo’s first official hit, “Good As Hell” is the song that set her meteoric rise into motion. The endlessly danceable track saw Lizzo’s star begin to rise, as more and more people in the industry finally decided to pay attention to her. We can see why — the song’s message of self-love mixed with a melody that will worm its way inside your head make this track an absolute stunner.

“Better in Color”

A deep cut from her new album, “Better in Color” is a celebration of all love, period. The beat on the song hits as hard as the powerhouse vocals, making the track an easy standout.


Lizzo has become synonymous with empowerment anthems, and “Juice” is a shining example of that. The groovy guitar licks and bass line accentuate the singer’s confident attitude as she jams her way through all of the reasons she’s a boss. If you want to feel good about yourself, “Juice” is the song to listen to.


Another standout from the star’s excellent Coconut Oil EP, “Worship” offers up some of the feel-good vibes as “Juice” and “Good As Hell,” but this time with a brass chorus and some of Lizzo’s most impressive vocals to date. Listen to Lizzo, and worship her!


Another glittering example of Lizzo’s rap chops, “Boys” offers up some of her best funk vibes while the star waxes poetic on her relationship with men. Lizzo makes her intentions clear when she croons “Baby, I don't need you/ I just wanna freak you.”

“Tempo (feat. Missy Elliott)”

Who better to pair with this hip-hop queen than a megastar like Missy Elliott? This trap-infused banger sees Lizzo taking her confidence to a different level, with her “I love myself” message graduating to “I’m sexy and I know it.” Missy’s verse only adds to the badass vibes that this song will leave you with, making it one of Lizzo’s best tracks yet.

“My Skin”

Lizzo ballads are rare, but “My Skin” proves that when she does slow things down, she can more than carry it. The track is a somber reflection on society’s tendency toward fat-shaming and racism, with Lizzo learning to accept herself for who she is, singing “I can't wash it away, so you can't take it from me/ My brown skin.”


On this soulful slow jam, Lizzo embodies everything that we love about her, from her no-nonsense attitude (especially about this particular man, apparently named Jerome) to her impeccable vocals. Not quite a ballad like “My Skin,” but not quite a banger like “Juice,” “Jerome” offers up yet another new color for this star’s musical palette.