Liz Cooper & The Stampede Live Out Their '80s Inspired Lives With Vibrant 'Fondly & Forever' Premiere


Nashville rockers Liz Cooper & The Stampede owe a lot to their community.

The band formed because the local art scene and quickly began to flex their musical muscles by playing in and around town. Window Flowers, the band's upcoming album (due Aug. 10), is a collection songs that vocalist Liz Cooper wrote while pushing herself to do something creative every day for a year. It's only natural, then, that the vibrant new video for "Fondly & Forever," premiering exclusively on Billboard today (July 26), is the product a community coming together. 

The colorful new video features the Nashville band making their way through a party frozen in time. Seemingly unfazed by the temporal stop, the group's members nonchalantly grab a beer out someone's hand, steal a pair sunglasses f a guy's face, do some glittery-looking coke f a table and then convene in the living room for a performance their single, "Fondly & Forever."

With a careful blend psychedelic, southern rock and country music, the track has that rare quality that allows it to appropriately soundtrack both a packed theater and an empty dive bar. On the track's chorus, vocalist Liz Cooper confronts mundanity — a larger theme in Window Flowers — head-on: "Dragging me around like something to do/Dragging me along, the hell you trying to prove?"   

Cooper, who has been a member the Nashville scene for the last six years, tells Billboard that most the partygoers in the video are members the community, and it was with their help that it turned out so well.

"We threw a party and had a good time, but when we needed to be still everyone turned to stone," Cooper says. "I still applaud them for that. Daniel Yocum had a vision and it all came together last fall with Grant Prettyman, former Stampeder, Ky Baker, and me putting our heads together and living our best '80s-inspired lives for a day." 

Window Flowers is due out on Aug. 10, on Sleepyhead Records Thirty Tigers. Check out the video for "Fondly & Forever" below.