Listen To Kanye West & Ty Dolla $ign’s "Ego Death" Demo Live At Coachella Party


In the following 4/20 vlog centered around a certain Coachella after-party, Ty Dolla $ign makes an appearance worth reporting. Not only is a recently-single Ty Dolla enjoying every minute of his newfound singledom, but he’s come to the party ready to preview new material, a song tentatively-titled “Ego Death” for reason I’ll try to explain from an outsider’s POV.

Thanks to the archival work of the folks over at TeamKanyeDaily, footage exists of Ty Dolla performing a segment of the song. Skip ahead to the 3:10 mark of the above video. It’s at this point that the DJ administering the affair yells out Kanye West‘s name in the introduction of an exclusive “needle drop” he managed to get his hands on. The song he goes onto play was later identified by the partygoers as a demo reel appropriately titled “Ego Death.” Kanye’s voice ushers in the song’s bridge followed by Ty Dolla $ign on its chorus. Neither of the credited artists were present during the exchange (due to extenuating circumstances), Kanye because of the preparatory steps he incurred before going live with his Coachella-edition of Sunday Service

It’s easy to infer what compelled both men to produce such a song. On one hand, Kanye West is pretty much the poster child for Narcissism as it pertains to the clinical health sector, while Ty Dolla $ign isn’t too far removed from doing some damage control of his own. If you’ll recall, Ty Dolla signaled the end of an era (last month) by tweeting out a broken heart emoji, only to resurface at Coachella 2019 in the form of a vindicated song.