Listen: R. Kelly's Accuser Secretly Records Their Phone Conversation


The 20 year-old woman who is suing R. Kelly for allegedly drugging her, is saying she has video evidence to support her claims. According to TMZ, the woman whose identity has been concealed, recorded a telephone conversation she had with R. Kelly after the incident. During the phone call, she was trying to elicit a confession for his alleged transgressions.

TMZ has obtained a shortened version the conversation. R. Kelly begins his questioning by asking the woman if she has returned to her senses. The accuser allows him to continue, giving f an impression complicity. Little does he know, her submissive “Yeahs” are meant to convey trust. 

R. Kelly also refers to the woman’s parents not liking him. This idea is consistent with young adults who defect to join cults and are then instructed to disavow society and restrict contact with their families. It’s but one trick cultic leaders employ to encourage dependence. Never the less, R. Kelly has denied claims starting a sex ring, from the jump.

R. Kelly’s assertion that the woman’s parents put her up to filing the lawsuit, incriminates him to some degree. The woman’s lawyer S. Lee Merritt remains “committed to stopping Kelly from continuing to abuse vulnerable Black women and taking the necessary steps to hold him accountable for his actions in the past.”