Lira Galore Reveals Baby Girl Khaleesi’s Adorable Face


Last month it was reported that CEO of Quality Control Pierre “Pee” Thomas had welcomed his baby girl with model and entrepreneur Lira Galore. The couple had broken up back in December, following rumours of Thomas cheating on Galore, which appeared to be true since it was revealed that he was expecting another child with a woman named Kaylar Will.

Galore had no time for the baby-mama-drama though, as she was too busy being awestruck by her new baby girl, with whom she had shared an Instagram video (strategically covering the baby’s face) with, with the caption “Edges laid period 😍💕.”

Further updates on the new-born were kept concealed after her birth, until earlier this month when an Instagram post shared by Galore of the nursery revealed her name to the world: Khaleesi. In case you didn’t know, Khaleesi is the name of Khal Drogo’s wife Daenerys Targaryen from the popular series “Game Of Thrones.” With the series having recently come to an end and absolutely everyone talking about it, it’s kind of no surprise that the iconic show inspired a few names. Plus, the name actually means “Queen” in Dothraki, so it’s quite adorable that Lira would give that name to her baby girl. 

The new mommy took to Instagram once more this morning – in celebration of her one month – to share the first video which showed baby Khaleesi’s darling face. Her #Twin indicates that Galore think Khaleesi resembles her, but we’ll let you guys decide: who does she look more like? Mommy or daddy?