‘Lion King’ Fan Goes Viral Thanks to Hilarious Video Of Him Singing ‘The Circle of Life’ With a Donkey


With The Lion King re-boot recently out in theaters, it's no doubt the lovable soundtrack has been ringing in fans' ears. One man in particular, Travis Kinley, was having a particularly fun time with the iconic music.

Kinley uploaded a video of himself singing the opening song on Thursday (July 25) and it quickly went viral. With 1.9 million views as of press time, the video features Kinley somewhere on a farm, backed by a real life donkey named Nathan. As soon as Kinley starts singing, Nathan hilariously joins.

The video was apparently made due to a request from Kinley's friends.

"I got (Nathan) from about the North Carolina, South Carolina line," Kinley told WLTX. "He was causing some trouble at someone else's house and I just picked him up for 100 bucks, he seemed alright with me."

"So, I got in the pasture, I gather all horses…I start singing and Nathan starts to bray behind me, and I'm kind of blown away because we never do this together; we never sing together. He keeps going, so I keep going, and all of a sudden I just kind of break down laughing at the end."

Watch the funny clip below.