Lindsey Vonn & P.K. Subban Don Matching Bikinis On 4th of July


NHL superstar P.K. Subban and former Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn have been dating since last Summer and the two have been spotted at numerous sporting events and galas. Since last Summer, they’ve had a little tradition of trading bathing suits and yesterday, they did just that. Of course, yesterday was the 4th of July so as you can imagine, Vonn wore a small bikini with the American Flag on it. Subban wore the exact same two-piece suit which wasn’t very flattering. 

Vonn posted a picture of P.K on her Instagram account, while Subban posted a video of himself jumping in the pool with the bikini on. Subban’s dogs can be heard barking incessantly which just goes to show how upset they were by the disparaging imagery of the hockey player in a swimsuit.

Subban’s NHL career has been interesting as of late. Just a couple of weeks ago, he was traded to the New Jersey Devils after spending three seasons with the Nashville Predators. Subban started his career in Montreal but was traded for Shea Weber back in 2016. The decision still haunts Canadiens fans to this day.

As for Vonn and Subban’s relationship, the two have stated that they are in no rush to get married, although they are pretty keen on sharing bikinis.