Lin-Manuel Miranda Releases Cheerful 'Rise Up, Wise Up, Eyes Up' With Ibeyi: Listen


Lin-Manuel Miranda gifted fans with yet another #Hamildrop on Friday (Aug. 31), taking to Twitter to gush over the newest piece musical content from the series. 

Explaining the process step-by-step, Miranda shared that this month’s work is a collaboration with French duo Ibeyi and Grammy-award winning producer Trooko. 


The tweets show Miranda first reaching out to Ibeyi (formed by Lisa Kainde and Naomi Diaz) showing interest in a possible collaboration with the singers.

In “Step 2” — after the confirmation that Kainde and Diaz would indeed participate in the project — Miranda gave them creative freedom to make whatever they felt the most comfortable with. 

"If anything in here inspires you, it would be an honor,” Miranda wrote.

Miranda then added Trooko to the mix, who together with the French duo, created a soulful, playful beat titled "Rise Up, Wise Up, Eyes Up". Previous Hamildrops have included songs about Ben Franklin, and a  “Weird Al” Yankovic track. 

Check out "Rise Up, Wise Up, Eyes Up" on Spotify below.