Lil Yachty's Been Dabbling In Stocks & Crypto As Another Means Of Revenue


Lil Yachty, born Miles Parks McCollum, made the Forbes list last year and is now currently working with Trippie Redd on a collaboration set to drop real soon. In between then and now Yachty has been getting educated by a man his mom introduced him to on all things stocks and investing your cash. 

“He’s really teaching me how it works. I always thought I knew about it, but you don’t really know about it until you learn about it,” he tells VladTV. “You just know what you see on the iPhone app with the lines.” The “Ice Tray” rapper reveals that his homie Akon is the man who has really been reaping the benefits the stocks. “A lot people don’t know much about what Akon is up to nowadays, but man Akon is paid bro.”

Later in the interview, Yachty explains his turning moment in life that sparked him to seriously do music. After he got arrested for conducting credit card scams, Yacht wanted to be better for his mom and make her proud. “I like the finer things in life,” he adds. Yachty was #20 on the Forbes list for highest paid hip-hop acts – the man is doing something right. 

Watch the full video below.