Lil Yachty Teams Up With Donny Osmond For Ode to Chef Boyardee With 'Start The Par-dee': Watch


In the unlikeliest collaborations, longtime entertainment icon Donny Osmond has connected with Lil Yachty for the "Start The Par-dee" remix in conjunction with Chef Boyardee's 90th anniversary rejuvenation campaign on Monday (Aug. 20).

At just 20 years old, Lil Boat has already notched a number lucrative partnerships, ranging from Target to Sprite. You can now add the classic Chef Boyardee brand to his decorated business resume. 

The hilarious clip begins with Yachty messing around on the beat machine as the nostalgic Chef Boyardee jingle combines with 808-laden production, courtesy 30 Roc. Osmond joins the ATL native in the studio, singing the praises the canned pasta company. Following a trip into the tomato-filled kitchen, the pair hop in a yellow convertible and head underwater, into space, back in time, and even hit an amusement park, thanks to the green screen at their back.

"Call up Chef Boyardee, he so ambitious/I need that beef ravioli oli-oli-oli-oli/Thank goodness, Chef Boyardee/Flavor so good, feed a whole family/Need another bowl for this girl and me," Yachty rhymes. The Quality Control rapper is also credited with co-producing and co-writing the visual's treatment. 

"This work pays tribute to the past and the future the classic Chef Boyardee brand,” said Havas Creative Chief Creative Officer Jason Peterson. "We gave every audience, from baby boomers to millennials, something that they could relate to, formed an idea around it and released it in a modern way by doing a full-length music video."

Check out the "Start The Par-dee" video below.