Lil Yachty Says Football Coach Killed in Parkland Shooting Deserves ESPY


In the wake the horrifying shooting massacre that left 17 dead at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, one particular victim, football coach Aaron Feis, is being remembered as a hero. It was Feis who was among those who put themselves in harm’s way to try and stop the gunman when he began his rampage through Douglas High. He arrived at the shooter’s location by using a golf cart and proceed to pursue him on foot before being shot to death.

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“Before you even heard how he died, you knew he died putting himself in harm’s way to save others. That’s who he was,” Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said in a speech at Feis’s funeral service. “He died] running toward danger while others were correctly running away from danger.”

Since the tragedy, a public campaign launched in getting the ESPYs to honor Feis as a posthumous recipient the iconic Arthur Ashe Courage Award, and recently Lil Yachty got the chance to chime in on the conversation and he seems to be in agreeance according to his recent run-in with TMZ.

“I think that’s amazing. For someone to do that in real life, he had a good heart. He was more than just a coach. In my eyes, you do something like that, you’re a superhero. You become greater than man. People are selfish. That’s an amazing act …] If the ESPYs don’t] do it, that’s a problem …] Give the man an award.”

Currently, the shooter, 19-year old Nikolas Cruz currently faces 17 counts premeditated murder.