Lil Yachty Previews New Song Taking Shots At Joe Budden


Well it appears Lil Yachty isn’t letting go his so-called beef with Joe Budden. On Friday, the ATL rapper shared a snippet an upcoming song he has on the way, and in it you can hear him take shots at Joe Budden, rapping about making more money in the past 2 years that Joe has made over his whole career.

“I could give a fuck about a rap nigga. I could give a fuck about a “pump-pump pump it up” old ass rapper nigga/ Talking’ bout how it aint gon’ last nigga/ Just to keep it real I made more money in the last two years than you ever did,” Yachty raps.

The song is presumed to be called “Talking Shit,” or at least that’s what Yachty has it titled in his file. However his caption reads “?just talkin shit ? drop ⛵️⛵️⛵️ if it’s hard,” which could be him having fun, but nevertheless he does take a slight jab at Budden.

This new preview surfaces just days after Yachty teased another collaboration with Trippie Redd that’s on the way.

Check out Yachty’s latest Joe Budden-shot (below) and sound f in the comments. (The Budden shade comes at the end the IG clip too btw).