Lil Yachty Hopes To Form The Wu-Tang Clan 2.0 With "Bout 8 Yung Fly N—-z"


Lil Yachty aptly demonstrated that he unmistakably has it in him, to be an “old head” when the opportunity arises. His overture towards the Wu-Tang Clan counterbalances some of the damage incurred by his portrayal of “Roger” in How High 2, a sequel Wu-Heads deemed completely reprehensible before giving it a proper look.

“I am most excited to watch this wu-tang saga on Hulu…” Yachty overshared before committing himself to a “night in” with TV privileges. The 21-year old savant would resurface the very next morning, to report on lesson learned during the telecast, prompting him to outline his vision for a new generation Wu-Tang collective comprised of him and about 7 other “yung fly n—-z” as he put it, verbatim.

As XXL pointed out, Lil Yachty is no stranger to the “league of nations” dynamic, as evidenced by the Sailing Team initiative he tried in earnest to set in motion (back in 2016). Comprised of Kodie Shane, Jban$2Turnt, Byou, BIGBRUTHACHUBBA, K$upreme, Burberry Perry, and producer Earl The Pearl fell short of resembling a Wu-like collective by any stretch of the imagination. During a recent interview, Yachty blamed the group’s laziness, himself included, for the project’s failure to get off the ground. Hopefully, his 2nd attempt is more triumphant.