Lil Yachty Defends Bhad Bhabie's Rap Skills


Lil Yachty‘s non-traditional approach to rap has earned him his share critics, and he’s now sticking up for another rapper whose come under fire as late. Bhad Bhabie, the 14-year-old rapper also known as Danielle Bregoli, or simply “the Cash Me Outside girl,” hasn’t exactly had a warm welcome to the world hip-hop. Nonetheless, Yachty, who hinted he’d be joining the controversial figure on tour this week, came to her defense when asked about whether or not Bhad Bhabie was a “real rapper” by paparazzi.

“Suck my dick. She is. She harder than a lot n***as. On God,” he said. 

Yachty has ten been questioned about his realness by more conservative rap fans. On an episode Everyday Struggle last May, Yachty debated Joe Budden, who felt the Atlanta rapper’s music lacked a message. “The message is to believe in yourself,” Yachty told Budden. “To love yourself. Basically it’s just showing all sides life. She has vitiligo, she’s like an emotional girl, she has obesity, and they have same sex love…my music is to just stay positive, and to love yourself. I’m the outcast the hip-hop game. These are all outcasts on this cover…You can be yourself and still be okay with that.”

Releasing Lil Boat 2 on Friday, Yachty has gradually become more accepted by rap purists as time goes by. Bhad Babie, on the other hand, still has a long way to go on that front. In December, she responded to criticisms cultural appropriation. “I look at that cultural appropriation shit and I just ignore it because it’s ridiculous, it really is. You cannot act a color. Do not tell me I’m acting black because I’m not,” she told Fader. “How I act is me. I get braids all the time, you can’t tell me I’m acting black because I braid my hair. That makes no sense whatsoever. One race does something more than another race.”

In the meantime, Yachty has other things on his mind, like whether or not he’ll buy a yacht to match his stage name. “I could have been bought a yacht. I’ve got a chain cost a yacht,” he said. “I’m cool on that.”