Lil Xan Superfan Appears To Get Exact Same Face Tattoos As Rapper


Devotion to their favorite artists can be a helluva drug for superfans, and some will go to unending lengths to show their loyalty. They may never meet the celebrity that they love so much in person, but that doesn’t stop them from doing insane things to themselves for a little recognition. Take for example this person who has apparently inked his face with the exact tattoos of his favorite rapper, Lil Xan.

Rappers sporting face tattoos isn’t anything new, but it seems as if getting inked on one’s face is some sort of right of passage these days. Twenty-two year old Lil Xan has quite a few tats on his mug, but an Instagram user by the name of “high.xanxiety” is giving him a run for his money. “New tattoo…xanarchy gang forever!! i love you @xanxiety,” he wrote. Xan responded by sharing the fan’s under eye ink and wrote, “my supporters are so dope! @high.xanxiety s/o to you for being part of this cult fanbase i love all my fans to pieces”

If fans aren’t trying to mirror their favorite artists, they’re carrying their likenesses around with them. Extra-committed devotees have taken to tattooing their favorite rapper’s faces or names on themselves. Remember when that woman got Drake’s name inked on her forehead? Nipsey Hussle, Migos, Cardi B, NBA YoungBoy are just a few artists who have recently had fans permanently ink themselves out of obsessive love. Though the trend is heavily criticized, it doesn’t look as if it’s going out of style anytime soon.