Lil Xan Says He’s Changing His Name


Lil Xan Says He's Changing His Name

"The name works. Why would I change the name when it's working? The formula is doing great."

That's what Lil Xan said in an interview shortly before the death Lil Peep, who passed away from a generic version Xanax mixed with Fentanyl in November 2017. But Xan has had a change heart since that interview and revealed that he'll  change his name after all.

Xan was also asked if he considers himself a role model.

After that, the TMZ reporter said what many others have said before: That Xan looks just like the actor Ethan Cukosky, who plays Carl Gallagher on the show Shameless.

Do you think it'll hurt Xan's career more if he keeps his name or changes it?

Lil Xan Says He's Changing His Name