Lil Xan Calls Social Media The "Devil" In Message To His Haters


Lil Xan has been a polarizing artist for both traditional hip-hop fans and those who claim to be connoisseurs of the Soundcloud rap space. At times, the hate thrown at Lil Xan has gotten to him in some pretty negative ways and the artist has been very vocal about that. Whether you like his music or not, Xan is still a relatively big name within the subgenre he operates out of. Despite his success, Diego has made it very clear at times that he is unhappy with his new found fame and that sentiment found its way into his latest Instagram post.

Xan took the opportunity to address his haters and also announce a bit of a hiatus from social media.

“Sad, mad, confused. I Love you guys no matter what tho and to all the haters feel free to use me as a punching bag for your own insecurities, going mia for awhile, need to get away from the devil (social media) but if you see me on the street say wassup,” Xan wrote, later commenting, “love you guys to death 💔 i’ll be back soon with a vengeance,my new music will shut everyone talking s*** the f*** up #xanarchygang forever.”

Hopefully, Xan can find some peace in these trying times.