Lil Wayne’s Former Protegé & YMCMB Rapper Sentenced To Life In Prison


Widner “Flow” Degruy once had a promising career ahead of him as Lil Wayne added the young rapper to the Young Money Cash Money Billionaires roster in 2012. However, the street life was difficult for Degruy to leave behind, and before the Louisiana rapper’s star was able to shine, he was arrested in 2015 on charges of murder. 

Police say that 27-year-old Degruy and his associate Jonathan Evans shot two brothers, 22-year-old Kendrick and 18-year-old Kendred Bishop, as they sat inside a van. Authorities state that the found Degruy’s phone at the scene and surveillance footage shows him at the location, as well. Kendrick Bishop and Degruy were both aspiring rappers and even recorded music together. Investigators think the motive for the shooting stemmed from Degruy’s belief that the brothers stole guns and cash from him.

On April 8, reports that Degruy was found guilty of two counts of second-degree murder and conspiracy to commit second-degree murder. The rapper previously pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice and conspiracy to obstruct justice. It only took jurors one and a half hours to return with their verdict. The vote was 11 to 1. On Tuesday, Degruy was sentenced to life in prison.

Assistant District Attorney Irena Zajickova read Sherry Strauss’ victim impact statement. Strauss is the mother of the two slain brothers. “In the beginning, I hated you,” the statement read. “I considered you a monster. Today, I no longer hate you. I feel sorry for you.”