Lil Wayne Seemingly Debuts Even More Face Tattoos


Once you start, you can’t really stop. Ask anybody who’s ever gotten a tattoo. They will happily tell you all about their fresh ideas for new ink. When it comes to Lil Wayne, the superstar rapper barely has any room left on his body to fill out so he’s resorted to getting needles in his face, etching his visage with tons of drawings that mean a lot to him. He’s had face tats for a minute but at a recent Halloween party, he reportedly debuted a number of new ones, adding to his already vast collection.

Tunechi already had a lot of ink on his face, including a lightning bolt, some teardrops, the words “Fear” and “God,” and more but he seemingly has nearly a handful of new pieces to talk about. According to Hip Hop Lately, the name “BOB” was added just above one of his eyebrows, possibly referencing the officer that saved his life. Another addition appears to show a map of Africa in the center of his forehead.

At this point, Weezy is even running out of room on his face. How do you feel about his new tats? Are you feeling them? personally, I think they suit his look and add to his identity.