Lil Wayne Says "GOAT" LeBron James Is Better Than Michael Jordan "At This Time"


Just as hip hop fans will go toe-to-toe over the Best Rappers of All Time lists, basketball fans will talk you death over who the Greatest Player of All Time is in the NBA. Lil Wayne may hold the city of New Orleans down for life, but he makes it clear that when it comes to basketball, he supports wherever LeBron James calls home.

When it was announced last year that Bron was joining the Los Angeles Lakers, Weezy tweeted, “Dam I gotta get a krib in LA now and I even really feel like spending like that right now but fugg it it’s the King.” The rapper once again made sure that the world knew that the King would be tearing up the court next season during a sitdown with Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe on UNDISPUTED.

“The King got a lot on his mind and he’s got a lot to get off his chest, and he’s gonna get it off his chest on the court,” Wayne said when asked if Bron had it in him to bounceback. “I don’t have to be in touch with him, I feel that. I feel it.” Weezy explained that he knows what it feels like to be doubted by the masses, only to take that negative energy and turn it into his greatest triumphs.

Skip gave Wayne pause when during the conversation he said that Bron wasn’t the GOAT. “You’re also saying that LeBron has proven to be greater than Michael Jordan?” Skip asks. Wayne doesn’t hesitate in answering, “At this time? Yes. He’s the GOAT. It ain’t about all that. LeBron James is the GOAT. It’s not about all time. It’s about right now. He’s the GOAT.” 

Wayne added, “Michael Jordan is Michael Jordan, but right now it’s LBJ. That’s the GOAT.” Skip gave the rundown on “Father Time” knocking on Bron’s groin during last season when the baller had to sit out a few games. Nothing was going to shake Wayne’s loyalty, but the question still remains: Who’s the greatest NBA player now, all-time…or both?