Lil Wayne Reveals the Only Rapper He Listens to in Another Wild ‘The Bumbu Room’ Episode: Exclusive


Lil Wayne has entered The Bumbu Room for part three of what's been a wildly unpredictable series. Any time you get an unfiltered Weezy freely speaking his mind is a win for everybody involved, and that's the case here (Oct. 29), as the New Orleans native hits on only listening to the new music he's making when it comes to rap, the next generation of hip-hop artists, and more. 

Weezy refuses to listen to his old music unless it's time to relearn those bangers to perform on tour. "Every song that I ever put out was unfinished. I can't listen to whatever songs I have out until I put it on a setlist for my show," he says. "That's when I have to listen the song because I have no idea what the words are. That's the only time I got back and listen to it because simply I'm working on other stuff."

As far as what he does listen to outside of hip-hop, Wayne's eclectic taste has quite the range. "I listen to music that's not hip-hop all the time because I don't listen to no other hip-hop but my damn self," Weezy states. "For me, you got Anita Baker, Keith Sweat, Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley, Tech N9ne — if you wanna call that hip-hop, Judas Priest, Lamb of God, Nirvana, and Blink-182."

Even though he doesn't really listen to many of the new school rappers, the 37-year-old is happy with the evolution of hip-hop he's seen happen throughout his career. "I love it," says Wayne. "I love that it actually changed because back in the [day] you had to spit your heart out. Now it's let's just make something that's cool to hear, we don't have to listen to it. Listening is different than hearing."

Watch the entire episode below.