Lil Wayne Following JAY-Z’s Lead With Cannabis Biz Level-Up


DENVER, CO – When Lil Wayne hits his signature lighter flick before a track, fans expect him to bring that lyrical fire. Weezy forayed into the cannabis business with his GKUA Ultra Premium brand in 2019, but will officially launch in Colorado on Wednesday (January 27).

“GKUA is about inspiring people, it’s about a feeling,” the New Orleans legend explained in a statement. “Now Colorado will get to experience the quality and potency of that GKUA.”


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The first GKUA line of cannabis products originally launched in California in December of 2019. After landing in Michigan in 2020, they will now expand to their third state this week with Colorado set to open its doors to 32 different dispensaries across the state, which can be found using the Weezy Weed Finder.

“We are thrilled to bring GKUA Ultra Premium to our third state,” GKUA Inc. co-founder Beau Golob relayed. “Harmony is known for their incredible portfolio of cannabis products. They are the perfect partner for GKUA in Colorado. Their cultivators and expert lab teams know exactly what specific qualities, purity and potency are needed to produce GKUA products.

He continued, “Colorado is the oldest adult-use market in the U.S. and we’re excited to bring an ultra-premium product to customers who know and appreciate quality.”


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Wayne is set to host an official launch party over on GKUA’s Instagram Live alongside Lil Twist. The IG Live party will begin at 4 p.m. MST on January 26. Viewers will have the chance to win free merch and other Young Money guests are slated to make appearances as well.

Weezy’s “Mr. Carter” collaborator also dipped his feet into the lucrative marijuana industry when JAY-Z launched MONOGRAM in December 2020. He already served as Caliva’s Chief Brand Strategist since 2019, but stepped up his involvement last year with an official collaborative line that includes flower and pre-roll products featuring a range of potencies.

The 38-year-old diehard Green Bay Packers fan is definitely feeling down in the dumps after their NFC Championship Game defeat at the hands of Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday (January 24). Wayne released a “Green and Yellow” anthem sampling Wiz Khalifa’s classic “Black and Yellow” ahead of their playoff run looking to inspire the team and energize the fanbase.