Lil Wayne Attends Birdman's Album Launch


Lil Wayne and Birdman have been spending a lot time together, some it tense, some it pleasant. s do tell a disjointed story their rollercoaster ride as friends and business partners. Earlier in the week it was reported that each side was nowhere close to reaching a settlement. Both parties exited the meeting in a furious spat, only days after making a club appearance together. Lil Wayne was pictured puffing on a stogie as Birdman stood by his side, signalling what we thought was an armistice between the two warring parties.

TMZ has learned that Lil Wayne made a surprise appearance at Birdman's album release party for the album soundtrack to the "Before Anythang" Cash Money Documentary. The party took place at Studio 23 in Miami, close to the label's new head fices. The album is supposed to showcase a historical lexicon talent associated with the label, its most prominent act Lil Wayne notably missing from the list. That didn't stop Weezy from trying to bury the hatchet, as he decided to take part in the festivities, even posing with Birdman for a photo-op on Saturday night.

Your guess is as good as mine, but something tells me Birdman is on-tap for a dollar amount before this feud gets squashed, if ever. Maybe not the reported $51 million Weezy was initially seeking in the lawsuit, but some kind nominal gesture could pave the way.