Lil Uzi Vert Calls Out Security Mid-Performance For Being Too Aggressive With Fan


Lil Uzi Vert had a set on Sunday night at Jay-Z’s Made In America festival, which he surprisingly showed up to. Well, I guess not THAT surprising, as the festival is held in Uzi’s hometown of Philadelphia. Uzi always shows a lot of love for his city and he displayed the extent of his devotion during his performance. 

In the middle of his hit “Money Longer”, Uzi noticed that security was being excessively aggressive with one of his fans and started repeatedly saying, “hold on”. Once the music was cut, Uzi went off on the security: “Yo, y’all tripping! Y’all tripping! Y’all grabbing that n**** and don’t even know why you grabbing him! You just cranked because it’s your muthaf*ckin’ job. You just cranked up. Relax, bro. Relax. Relax. This my city, bro. Ain’t nobody gon’ hurt me! I got too many killers out here, bro. Relax.” After confidently putting this person in place, Uzi brought the song back in with a crowd that was now even more fired up after witnessing this heroic act. 

Much respect to Uzi for calling out something that is unfortunately incredibly common: security guards getting carried away and abusing their power. After defending his city’s residents so forcefully, perhaps it should be conceded that he runs Philly, as he claims to

Watch the incident below.